Meet YouMustLoveDogsDating’s Spokesperson, Jenna Morasca

We were very excited when Survivor Season Six Winner Jenna Morasca agreed to be a spokesperson for With all the new dating sites out there, we feel we have a unique service for single dog lovers and are happy she agrees with us. While you may know Jenna, here’s a quick look at her relationship with our site and her thoughts on dating when there is already a significant other in your life – your dog!

Question: What made you decide to sign on as spokeswoman for the new dating site, You Must Love Dogs Dating?

Answer: This partnership seemed so natural to me and a perfect fit. I absolutely love when my worlds get to collide and I can work for companies where I enjoy everyone involved and personally like the message of the business. Being a dog lover myself, and a recently single lady it was a no-brainer for me to get involved and I am honored to be part of this incredible new company. Single dog lovers unite!

Question: Has being a dog-lover impacted your choice in those you date? Do you specifically seek out other dog-owners when you’re looking for a special person to spend time with?

Answer: Yes it absolutely has. I ask every person I am going to date if they like dogs right off the bat. If they say no then I run in the other direction. But it’s hard to tell if someone is telling you the truth when you first start dating them or if they are just telling you what you want to hear. So having a singles dating site such as this makes sure you are connecting with people who truly love dogs! I wish I could have had access to this site sooner in my life.

Question: In what other ways has being a dog owner impacted your choices?

Answer: To me being a dog owner is just like having a child, but with fur. It really teaches you to be selfless and responsible and I’m always thinking about my girl. I’m always thinking about what she is doing at home, if she is ok, and I am always truly missing her. It has impacted my life in every way, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Question: In your mind, is there a “perfect number” of dogs you’d like to have as pets, including those of any potential partners?

Answer: It’s hard for me to answer this. It would depend on how my current dog, Bobbi, would feel about any new additions. She is my baby and I would not want to disrupt her life by getting another dog if she didn’t like it – especially since she had such a tough life the four years before I adopted her (she was abused). But if my partner had a dog, and I’m expecting they will, I am willing to grow my canine family.

Question: What’s the most extravagantoutlandishunique item or treat you’ve ever purchased for your dogs?

Answer: Well, I would have to say Bobbi’s wardrobe. I use the excuse that she has very short fur and no fur on her under-belly (which IS true though) as an excuse to buy her coats and sweaters to stay warm. But the truth is, I just think she looks so cute in them I can’t resist. So, fashion does meet function. I think her light-up leash and killer rain coat were funny purchases for a dog!